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Jason (Tianyang) Xie from Shanghai, China

Founder of AmazingLP

Understand clearly about the goal you want to achieve. Follow your heart and keep creating better results.

Pro skills equip producer to boost video views in China

Jason Xie came to Australia to study video production as an established video blogger in China with more than 17,000 followers.

UTS helped him acquire professional production skills. After graduation he returned home to set up his own company focused on post-production effects editing.

Learning teamwork was one of the most rewarding aspects of the course, because he had to work in group projects in class.

“I now understand how a team works,” he says. “Being a blogger, my focus was the technology, while as a team leader I need to ensure the team works together to create excellent videos.”

Jason studied a degree in Media Arts and Production at UTS. He initially attended UTS Insearch, where he learnt about the structure of UTS’ courses and how to study in the Australian education system.

He says that like many Chinese students when he arrived in Australia critical thinking was one of his weakest skills. During his four years at UTS, he worked hard on this and believes he’s now become a proactive thinker.

UTS courses equipped Jason with vital theory and knowledge about the video industry. He immersed himself in the university’s Media Lab, where he used the custom-built production facilities to develop the practical professional skills he needed to succeed.

He says he also spent up to eight hours a day studying different videos online, looking for inspiration.

Jason says he takes a hands-on approach, collaborating with his employees for the planning, shooting and post editing of the videos.

Starting his own company was not as easy as he initially imagined. He finds it challenging to keep up-to-date with changes in his industry.

His advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs is:  “understand clearly about the goal you want to achieve. Follow your heart and keep creating better results.”

Jason is determined to make his new company a success and to become one of the top platforms in China. It already reaches over 500,000 online followers and receives at least a million hits for each video.

Jason is now a partner video producer with Youku (one of the biggest video sites in China) and writes a feature column published on multiple popular video sites such as iQiyi and Bilibili.

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